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Building your Website

With our experience of building and designing websites for a wide range of customers, we’ve found a simple five step process which we feel ensures an efficient and professional development.

Your involvement with every step is important so no matter what your idea is, whether you’ve seen something you like on a website or have a picture or maybe even just a colour in mind, we’d love to hear about it.

Website Name and Concept
Every website needs a name, purpose and a www address.You tell us what your website is for and whether you have anything in mind for its design.

Every website needs a domain name. That’s the address you enter into your browser. If you have an address in mind, you ca check it’s availability using  our Domain Checker on the right-hand side.

Sections and Areas
You tell us which sections and areas you would like your site to have. These could include Home, About Us, Contact us, etc.

Pictures and Logos
If you have any pictures or logos, you can send these over to us. These are useful for us to ensure we start building a website around your ideas from the outset.

Normally we’re able to show you a draft at this point to show you the basic structure of your site. Then you send over the site’s content to us; what you would like the text to say on each page.

This can simply be text written in an email or a Word document.

Draft Published
This is when a demo site is published in a private area online for you to view, makes notes of changes you would like before beginning to finalise the site, having made any amendments.

Once you’re happy with your site, then it’s ready for publication!

It’s published to your domain address, and from that point on it’s available to everybody!

One website, ready to go!

I would like the website address...

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Every website needs an address which visitors enter into their web browser in order to visit your site.

The address, or domain name, takes the form of or .com, org, etc.

Challen Creatives takes care of everything regarding the acquisition of your domain name.

Below you can check a domain’s availability, to see if your desired address is available.